Catering Menu


Usha Foods is proud to provide a wide range of catering services all throughout the regional United States. We require a minimum catering order of 25 people and offer a competitive rate of $10.00 per person. Our standard catering menu includes your choice of two farsans or snacks, two vegetables, two sweets, dal, kadhi or sambhar, a type of Rice, Puri, Paratha or Roti, and your choice of Raita or Salad.

All orders come with papad. We can also deliver catering orders anywhere in the regional United States at a cost determined by your exact location. Furthermore, we can provide comprehensive servicing options where an experienced team of professionals can come to your location and completely manage your entire catering experience. Please call us at (718) 343-1500 or visit our Contact Us Page so that we can arrange a custom catering experience for your event.




Tindora & Bhindi Masala 50 cent extra Per Person
Catering with Puran Poori or Ghari/Ghughra
– $1.00 Extra, Per Person